Games I will be covering.

So as of right now, I will be covering the English translated games: Norn 9: Var Commons and Code Realize.

I did start Norn 9 and it was an interesting beginning, rather then starting the story with the protagonist herself, they started with a different character instead.
As if showing through a neutral eye of the characters.
Granted Norn 9 had 3 female protagonists to pick from, and from those female protagonists you have 3 love options.

There’s supposedly a certain order to follow my friend told me about or you will always get the bad ending no matter what.

I do know which route I do want which I had to pick a certain protagonist to pick this guy.
So I aimed for Mikoto Kuga as the Protagonist which has 

Natsuhiko Azuma

Sakuya Nijou (I’m a sucker for these sweet kind looking guys~)

Itsuki Kagami

I just started the game, and I forgot how my PS Vita is from Japan and that the American PS Vita’s buttons are just switched around for the (X) and (O) and I was having a bit of hard time remembering since I was messing around a lot with the Japanese games.  ( ;∀;)
Until next time!