Busy Busy Busy! 

I’ve been busy moving this weekend, I hope to post about the Otome I just received this week!

It was weird I had one shipped the 26 of January and the other one shipped on the 25. And the one shipped on the 25 was delayed a day, while the other one needed more cash because it weighed more.
Granted they were shipped together but not together as one package. Just one stayed behind and the other waited for accurate money weight? (I guess that’s what you say, I’m not quite as sure)
The end result was the one that would come in later came the 31st of January and the one that would have came in early came in yesterday.

So it’s weird when you ship limited editions with EMS.
EMS didn’t update me everytime I moved when I checked on it. I wasn’t even informed when it came into my city.
Last time it did that. Oh well.
I will post the Otome games I got tomorrow!

Games I will be covering.

So as of right now, I will be covering the English translated games: Norn 9: Var Commons and Code Realize.

I did start Norn 9 and it was an interesting beginning, rather then starting the story with the protagonist herself, they started with a different character instead.
As if showing through a neutral eye of the characters.
Granted Norn 9 had 3 female protagonists to pick from, and from those female protagonists you have 3 love options.

There’s supposedly a certain order to follow my friend told me about or you will always get the bad ending no matter what.

I do know which route I do want which I had to pick a certain protagonist to pick this guy.
So I aimed for Mikoto Kuga as the Protagonist which has 

Natsuhiko Azuma

Sakuya Nijou (I’m a sucker for these sweet kind looking guys~)

Itsuki Kagami

I just started the game, and I forgot how my PS Vita is from Japan and that the American PS Vita’s buttons are just switched around for the (X) and (O) and I was having a bit of hard time remembering since I was messing around a lot with the Japanese games.  ( ;∀;)
Until next time!