Unexplained Art in Otome (and possibly other visual novels as well)

As I might have stated in one of my earlier posts, I’m currently learning Japanese.

One of the things about Japanese is important knowing the characters, which in Japan’s case there are three sets of alphabets for them which are

  1. Hiragana
  2. Katakana
  3. Kanji

The Hiragana is what we call the native Japanese alphabet after that is the Katakana alphabet which you use for a forgein word like my name for example “Melissa” or even other normal words like “Superman”.

The last thing is Kanji. Kanji is borrowed from the Chinese. But here’s the kicker of Kanji, Kanji has not one, but two or more readings!

The normal Chinese reading or the Japanese reading.

For example, 円 which as some of you may or may not know it, it’s the symbol for what others commonly know as ¥, aka the Yen. But it has two readings!

  1. えん
  2. マルイ

Money and round/spherical.

You just need their context of the sentence in order to understand what the kanji happens to be. *rolls my eyes* Yes that’s so easy…

But back to what I’m talking about.

It’s probably uncommon knowledge or not, that the Japanese have more than one, I, no not the letter, I meant as the use of, “I am Melissa,” or 「私はメリッサ」

  1. 私 (わたし) watashi (appears to be a gender neutral use of I)
  2. あたし (atashi) – Used by women, usually younger women.
  3. 僕 (ぼく) Boku – Used by younger boys or men when talking to an authoritative figure (like his boss)
  4. 俺(おれ) – Ore – Used by Men, who are usually more arrogant or rude.

Here’s where things get strange or where it bothers me, because I have literally no one near by me to receive authentic Japanese speakers listen to, I listen to and play through one of my Otome games. (It’s highly not recommended for you do not get Hakuoki because they use an older version of Japanese that does not work in today’s Japan!)

Any who, while I was playing my Hakuoki game, I was listening to Heisuke talk to Yukimura (aka the last name of the MC) here’s what I heard, he clearly said Ore, but see this!

There is Ore written in katakana!

And in kanji!

So why does this happen?

And is it actually a Chinese reading gone wrong?

After some time I went to see my Japanese Sensei at the University I’m currently studying at.

I asked him about this new finding of his, I told him I was fully aware that, おれ and 俺 were completely correct but I’ve never seen オレ, ever before.

He asked me where I had seen it, and I told him I saw it in a visual novel set in an older time period.

“Ah, so it must be like an anime or manga.” (well he wasn’t wrong, Hakuoki does have an anime)

He went through and explained to be that because Anime and manga is an art, they like to fiddle with Katakana in general, just like だめ in anime is ダメ (Dame *aka No good, but it honestly sounds like Damn it* ).

Katakana is an untold art in manga, anime, and visual novel, watch out for them, it’s not spelt right if you can hear the correct Japanese reading but see Katakana instead of the Kanji/Hiragana.

Like for example I questioned a lot about Yuri on Ice’s poster title, which is written like this ユリ!

Which I wondered as to why the story wasn’t about the Russian Yuri then the Japanese Yuuri…

It wasn’t for any particular reason but to ‘show off’ more or less.

Until Next Time!


Otome Games for 2017

As usually everyone has plans on what they will do.

My plans of Otome also include what I might be getting or have plans in purchasing them.

As of right now, I have Purchased:

  1. KLAP!! Kind Love And Punish Fun Party Limited Edition – Idea Factory, PS Vita *Shotaro Morikubo is in there, it’s a no-brainer, I usually love all of his characters he portrays*

Will be getting in this year:

Klap!! Kind Love and Punish [Limited Edition] -Idea Factory PS Vita

**Purchasing closer to the date of the fandisc. I’m very excited for this game! 


**Mostly interested because of Masamune and Kenshin, but I’m very curious how this will play out since originally it is a mobile app of Cybrid who also created Midnight Cinderella. It plans to release two new characters: Ranmaru Mori and Yoshimoto Imagawa. #CLAPS# Okay moving on!

Probably getting we’ll see:

Hakuoki SSL: Sweet School Life

*I have yet to hear if Aksys was successful in getting Idea Factory to Translate the game, so I plan to get it. It’s in a modern setting so this will help better than the normal Hakuoki games, which has a different kind of Japanese compared to modern times.

Code:Realize Shukufuku no Mirai

*I’ve been enjoying Code:Realize (English version), so I will invest on this new game soon…


*I absolutely love the artwork in this game, the colors just pop out to me, and this is a fandisc, I would prefer a lighthearted reading after reading about psychopath Ukkyo. I still haven’t played his route yet.


I need to know more before doing anything.

Crimson Flame ~Sanada Ninpouchou~ 

**I don’t know much other then it’s the artist of Hakuoki, and based on the Sanada Brave 10. I’m just hoping it’s a PS Vita game… I’m more than likely to invest in it, if it is.


**Getting asked to marry by some random boys. In high school, IN HIGH SCHOOL. There are better things to do than get married… The art ‘sketch work’ looks good, I might get I might not, all depends on the VAs and the Art. The plot line is interesting but I need to know more.

That wraps up about the majority of my wish list for this year. I might change when new games pop up.

Busy Busy Busy! 

I’ve been busy moving this weekend, I hope to post about the Otome I just received this week!

It was weird I had one shipped the 26 of January and the other one shipped on the 25. And the one shipped on the 25 was delayed a day, while the other one needed more cash because it weighed more.
Granted they were shipped together but not together as one package. Just one stayed behind and the other waited for accurate money weight? (I guess that’s what you say, I’m not quite as sure)
The end result was the one that would come in later came the 31st of January and the one that would have came in early came in yesterday.

So it’s weird when you ship limited editions with EMS.
EMS didn’t update me everytime I moved when I checked on it. I wasn’t even informed when it came into my city.
Last time it did that. Oh well.
I will post the Otome games I got tomorrow!