About Me

The name is Mel, but you can call me Bunbun, or Kuroneko.

(Whatever works as long as it’s nothing too bad)

I speak three four languages.

English (Native, but still messes it up)

Spanish (mother came from Mexico, I had to know it)

German (4 years and high school offered it)

Japanese (currently studying it at my University)

This is going to be my second year diving into otome, as I always wanted to romance certain anime characters.

I also have a great interest in Anime and Manga so I will talk about those every once and awhile.

I will talk bit about Japanese in certain areas of things like visual novels and translation since this good coverage to review and understand for me.

I do indeed have a “fangirling” otome blog on tumblr if you want to check that out. But that’s just literally me squealing over my bias. See if you dare!