Otome Games for 2017

As usually everyone has plans on what they will do.

My plans of Otome also include what I might be getting or have plans in purchasing them.

As of right now, I have Purchased:

  1. KLAP!! Kind Love And Punish Fun Party Limited Edition – Idea Factory, PS Vita *Shotaro Morikubo is in there, it’s a no-brainer, I usually love all of his characters he portrays*

Will be getting in this year:

Klap!! Kind Love and Punish [Limited Edition] -Idea Factory PS Vita

**Purchasing closer to the date of the fandisc. I’m very excited for this game! 


**Mostly interested because of Masamune and Kenshin, but I’m very curious how this will play out since originally it is a mobile app of Cybrid who also created Midnight Cinderella. It plans to release two new characters: Ranmaru Mori and Yoshimoto Imagawa. #CLAPS# Okay moving on!

Probably getting we’ll see:

Hakuoki SSL: Sweet School Life

*I have yet to hear if Aksys was successful in getting Idea Factory to Translate the game, so I plan to get it. It’s in a modern setting so this will help better than the normal Hakuoki games, which has a different kind of Japanese compared to modern times.

Code:Realize Shukufuku no Mirai

*I’ve been enjoying Code:Realize (English version), so I will invest on this new game soon…


*I absolutely love the artwork in this game, the colors just pop out to me, and this is a fandisc, I would prefer a lighthearted reading after reading about psychopath Ukkyo. I still haven’t played his route yet.


I need to know more before doing anything.

Crimson Flame ~Sanada Ninpouchou~ 

**I don’t know much other then it’s the artist of Hakuoki, and based on the Sanada Brave 10. I’m just hoping it’s a PS Vita game… I’m more than likely to invest in it, if it is.


**Getting asked to marry by some random boys. In high school, IN HIGH SCHOOL. There are better things to do than get married… The art ‘sketch work’ looks good, I might get I might not, all depends on the VAs and the Art. The plot line is interesting but I need to know more.

That wraps up about the majority of my wish list for this year. I might change when new games pop up.


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